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Steele County Robert Chladek Academic Agriculture Scholarship

The Steele County Robert Chladek Academic Agriculture Scholarship began in 2015.  Any senior graduating from a high school located in Steele County, Minnesota who plans to study agribusiness at a college or university may apply.  Interested applicants should contact their high school agriculture instructor or counseling department for more information.

Robert Chladek, long-time Clinton Falls farmer, created a trust that left over 70% of his estate to the Independent School District No. 761 Foundation.  Mr. Chladek expressed a desire that a significant part of the money be used to enhance educational opportunities for agriculture education for Steele County students as determined by the Foundation Board.  Each year, income from his estate is used to fund scholarships, grants, innovative programs, and projects that benefit a great many students.  Some of the funds sent to the agriculture departments in Steele County each year have been distributed to graduating seniors pursuing post-secondary education.  The Foundation Board is pleased to augment those scholarship awards with up to a $5,000 scholarship for a student in Steele County pursuing an agribusiness degree at a college or university.

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