The purpose of the Museum is to preserve the history and traditions of OHS.  Since 1992, the OHS Museum at Owatonna High School has evolved into an interesting mix of professionally showcased memorabilia.  Over 4000 museum items – some from as far back as 1877 – have been donated by more than 650 OHS graduates, faculty, and community members.  A volunteer advisory team acts as administrators for the Museum.

The Owatonna High School Museum is located on the main floor of the 1921 building.  It is open during school hours, athletic contests, and performing arts events.  Tours may also be scheduled by calling the OHS office at 507-444-8800.


Your trash may be our treasure!  Where did we get these museum items that have been collected?  From people just like you!  Items from all graduates are welcome.  Your treasures may become the “golden oldies” some day!  Why not let them become a permanent part of the museum collection?  Email us at museum@owatonna.k12.mn.us about your item.

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 For information, questions, or contributions to the OHS Museum,

please contact us at our email address:  museum@owatonna.k12.mn.us

Owatonna High School Museum

333 East School Street

Owatonna, MN  55060